1. Photography by Matthew Porter / Courtesy of M+B Gallery; 

    Man of the World / Issue No.4 

  2. On May 1st 1963 Jim Whittaker and Nawang Gumbo climbed through 70mph winds and negative 30-degree temperatures to plant the American flag on the summit of Mount Everest for the first time.

    Sherpa Gumbo, who had never before used a camera, turned Jim’s NikonF vertical to capture this iconic image.

    Photograph by NAWANG GUMBO / Man of the World / Issue No.5

  3. Billy Al Bengston. Photography by Marvin Silver, Courtesy of Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA; Man of the World / Issue No.3 

  4. Carlos Nadal took this very interesting picture of Pablo Picasso in Vallauris in 1954, a photograph in which the painter’s penetrating gaze contrasts with the affection with which he holds his cat.

  5. "I know my wife speaks five languages, so I always tell her I speak two: English and football." Tom Brady

    Tom Brady photographed by Randall Mesdon MAN of the WORLD, Issue No.9, available now at manoftheworld.com

  6. Photography by Peter Beard

  7. Peter Beard, self-portrait.

  8. Richard Avedon, self-portrait.

  9. Sally Mann, self-portrait.

  10. Irving Penn, self-portrait.

  11. Saul Leiter, self-portrait.

  12. Peter Keetman, self-portrait.

  13. Ilse Bing, self-portrait.

  14. Man Ray, self-portrait.